Perfect Fall Lipset

[ vi-nyl ] – a shade inspired by the girls in the 90’s

SOURCE: Morphe Instagram

Something about red toned lip products make my heart happy, I wear them all the time but I feel like my reds and darker shades really get more use during the fall and winter time. So when I saw Morphe release this lip set collaboration with Ourfa it intrigued me – I mean you get a lip pencil and liquid lip stick for $15? Sounds good to me!

SOURCE: Morphe Instagram

I really love the promo shots of the product and how Ourfa describes this as a “rocking’ brick-red lip duo”

It’s nice to see how beautiful this color is on different skin tones which makes this such a universal color and thats always a win.

SOURCE: Morphe Instagram

I tried to find a possible dupe for this color in my collection because from what I could see in the actual component they looked similar and all I could find are these shades but honestly they don’t look anything a like lol Vinyl is actually a very unique color

I’ve linked all the colors below in case there are any shades that you do like as well

Anyways I’m pleasantly surprised with the formula that Morphe has and I love how creamy this lip pencil is – super similar to Kylie Cosmetics pencils except this is a wooden pencil. Overall I’m happy with this purchase and I would highly recommend it because it’s such a beautiful color!

You can get it in store or online (linked above)

Til next time!

x Alexandra



  1. Christine
    February 22, 2018 / 10:18 am

    Thanks for doing these swatches! These are some of the more useful swatches I’ve managed to find. I’ve used (and loved) Lolita before so if Vinyl is along the same vein, I think I’ll also like it (just ordered). It’s a better deal overall too since you get both this liquid lipstick and a pencil for $15, while Lolita is about $20 by itself. Although to be honest, I don’t think these other colors look quite like Vinyl (so it must be really unique!) If these colors were people, I think they’d be more like sisters or cousins than twins (related, but not clones lol). Thanks for your time in doing these and writing up a review!

    • ManesNMakeup
      February 25, 2018 / 2:45 pm

      Thanks for reading Christine!
      x Alexandra

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