Better than a Beauty Blender?

I think beauty sponges are the best because they give the perfect airbrushed finish to your makeup, which is why I absolutely love my Original Beauty Blender but as a beauty blogger naturally I’m always on the market to see if theres another sponge out there that can possibly replace my Pink Beauty Blender. Not that I ever want to replace it because honestly I love it so much. But there always is the “next best thing” and because I have no self control, I get sucked in every time and want to try all the new products.

Anyways when Elcie Cosmetics released their Velvet Sponge I was intrigued, by the shape mostly, I mean it literally looks like an ace of spades, and it has such a pointy tip and it gets huge when you actually get it damp.

I did a quick demo using the sponge in all the steps I normally do – so it’s not a full tutorial or anything

Products Mentioned in Video:

I’m still going to keep using it for a while to see if I still like it after a while. Let me know what you think about it, are you interested in trying this sponge too?

Til next time!

x Alexandra


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